There are THREE main benefits to repurposing Your Content.

You save time, Stay Consistent, and Increase Your Visibility.

This service is for busy Christian women coaches who want to continue to share their expertise with those in their circle who like to read and attract new followers by transforming their videos into a blog posts.

You’ve got the experience and information your clients and potential clients need.

I see coaches serving their audience all the time through live streams and pre-recorded videos.


Some of the people who follow you don’t want to watch a video.


That’s why you already have a blog set up, so you can share your experiences and skills with the ones who don’t watch videos but still need information, right?

The question, though, is, are you writing and uploading posts to your site consistently?

Most of us wear too many hats, and time is limited to be able to do ALL the things.


When we wear too many hats, we don’t always get everything on our to-do list done.

We can have every intention to, but not enough time.

 If we do find the time, it becomes tough to focus on our project because it’s usually done after everything else on our list.

If you are wearing too many hats and trading time with family, friends, and clients to get everything done, then it's time to delegate.

Blog Posts Takes Time You May Not Have

We want people to know we have a blog, but if we don’t have content, we can’t send people to it.

And if we aren’t directing our readers to our content, no one will know we have it.

It’s true, you MIGHT occasionally get blog wrote and uploaded, but that doesn’t create the consistency you need to drive traffic regularly, and it will confuse your readers.

What if you DID NOT have to use the time for your family, clients, or big projects to write a blog post?


How many people could you help with the knowledge you have?


What if your visibility increased because you had content to refer people to?

The Time for ALL of that is NOW!

Repurposing videos and turning them into blog posts is a service for coaches who need consistent content. So they attract the right followers and give them the information their followers are needing.

You will receive a blog post once a week, repurposed from a video, and will have the option to request revisions.

Get Your One-Time FREE Sample Today

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You will have the option to upload a video when you book your call.


Together, we will set a day to deliver your blog post.


You can expect your video to be transcribed, edited, formatted for a blog, have your voice and sent back to you in a document, ready to be used.


Revisions are not available for samples.

However, two revisions per blog posts are available for paid clients.



Hi, my name is Ami and I partner with women coaches, helping them create consistent posts for their blogs, so they save time, stay consistent, and increase their visibility.