About Me


Who I Am

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by this page and learn more about me. I really appreciate that as I know how crazy busy life can be.

My name is Ami Ray, I am a devoted wife of 10 years, an imperfect mom to 6 kids, a passionate business owner, and small growth group leader through my church.

How Ami Ray's Content Repurposing Service Began

While working outside the home, I wasn’t happy because I have a deep desire in my spirit to be available for my family at my own convenience. 

I needed to be my own boss and control my own schedule.

One of my sons knew I wasn’t happy, and he suggested that I start a business. He knew I had worked from home before in direct sales.

I absolutely loved my son’s idea, agreed with him, and started to pray about it.

About a week later, I was reading my morning devotion, Proverbs 16:3. This proverb says to commit to the Lord whatever you want to do, and He will establish your plans.

Knowing the type of work I really enjoy and the skills I have, I took the bible verse I read to heart, and I began to pray more specifically.

The vision I had became clearer.

Today, I am a content repurposing specialist, and I partner with Christian women business coaches, helping them transform their videos into blog posts.

I love what I do and who I serve. One of the best feelings in the world is being able to help someone else.

Enough About Me and More About You

I’d love to get to know you and your business more. I am shamelessly inviting you to Coaches Repurposing Video Content, we are a great community who support each other. Come on over today.

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