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Times have changed for all of us, and having a supportive online community is MORE important now than ever before! We need to feel connected to other people.

Community is ESSENTIAL

Coaches Repurposing Video Content is a FREE Facebook community for coaches. This is the place to share our goals with each other, increase our visibility, and get videos repurposed. 

We need to surround ourselves with people who have an entrepreneurial spirit because we get each other and will cheer each on towards building and growing a thriving business. 

It’s so much harder to get through these tough times without having the support of people who understand.

In our community, we will rise and shine together by supporting each other’s visions, encouraging each other, and celebrating our accomplishments together.

We Rise and Shine Together


Share your weekly goals and increase your visibility to make connections.

Inside Coaches Repurposing Video Content

Sunday Connection: connect and share who you are outside of your business.

Mondays Goals: come share your TOP weekly goal.

Tuesday Tips: learn about content and repurposing content.

Share it Wednesday: come on in and share your free and paid offers.

Thursday Connection: let us all know how your week is going in your business.

Featured Friday Entrepreneur: each week, an approved member will go live to share who they are and their expertise with us.

Saturday Wins: we share what we are most proud of accomplishing for the week.

Be Our Community's Featured Friday Entrepreneur

This is an opportunity for you to be visible in our community. Share who you are and how you serve others while sharing the value you have.


There is a google form link located in the files section of the group. The form is simple to fill out, and once the form is completed, I will contact you with a date you can go live.

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