Below, you will find the answeres to the most frequently asked questions about repurposing vidoes to help you decide if this is right for you.

Why do you only work with Christian Women?


Some coaches who are not Christian may have a belief in the law of attraction and manifesting. It would go against my beliefs.

As a woman myself, it’s easier to capture the voice, tone, and style of another woman.

However, if you are not a Christian or you are a man, and you believe my services could help you, you can still opt-in to receive a Free Sample, or you can book a Virtual Coffee Chat.

I’d be happy to speak with you and work with you.

Wouldn’t I be able to turn my videos into blog posts myself? 



If you have the time to do that, you should. If you are looking for content tips, come on over and join the Facebook community.

The service I provide, turning videos into blog posts, is to help business coaches, with limited time and a desire to keep their blog relevant with consistent content.

How many samples can I get?


You can receive one free sample.

Where can I learn more about your three-month service and how much it cost?


You can learn more Here.

What if I have a few videos I would like to have repurposed but do not need a three-month service?


It’s okay if you do not need a three-month service. Please contact me Here, and we will discuss your needs and set up a plan.

Is there a certain length videos should be?


Yes, there is, videos for samples need to be between 30 and 40 minutes. If you are a paid client, your videos need to be between 30 and 60 minutes.

Videos under 30 minutes may not have enough content to edit and format as a blog post.

Do you guarantee a word count?

No, I don’t. Your blog post comes from transcribing your video.

There is no way for me to know how many words you will have. However, from my experience a video that is between 30 and 60 minutes long with good value can be turned into a blog post between 500 and 1000 words.

How long before I start to drive traffic and gain new clients?


Many people are looking for instant results, and I genuinely wish I could give you a set date.

While content marketing is needed and a way to generate leads, it is a technique used with other methods.

Gaining potential clients will take time, patience, and consistency.

Here are the other methods you can use with content to help you bring in results.


What you want to do first, and it keeps search engines happy, is to post new content every week.

Write a teaser social media post for your business pages and link them to your blog. 

Engage with your current audience and new followers.

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