Hot Topic Content: Writing Relevant Content for Now and Later


It’s easy for us in the online space to jump on the train of popular topics to share our opinions, ideas, and expertise. With everything currently going on in the world, I thought it would be really nice to talk about writing relevant content for now and later.

Have you jumped on this train?

Today’s Hot Topic

I write my blog posts ahead of time. Today is March 24, 2020, and the current hot topic is Covid-19. 

Everyone in the online space is using the current situation to move forward by sharing their knowledge of how to navigate our businesses during the pandemic.

It’s an explosion of content with YouTube videos, Facebook lives, blog posts, emails, and freebie offers.

Will Your Content Be Relevant After the Hot Topic Passes?

I’m all for a movement. Making moves in your business to improve other people’s lives and to help other businesses is very important. It’s also very important for your content to survive after the old movement passes, and the new one emerges.

How to Make Sure Your Content Stays Relevant

  • Keep the titles of your content relevant to the expertise you are sharing with your audience
  • Proofread or listen to your content before sharing

Your Content Title

We can use a strong title without using the exact name of the current hot topic. I am guilty of this, like most others, and it is what prompted me to write this particular blog post.

When the current motivator or news passes and is no longer useful, your audience will skip right over a title highlighting what is considered old news.

Proofreading Your Content

After you write a blog post or create a video, you always want to proofread and edit before putting out. Take yourself out of content creator mode and put yourself into your audience’s shoes. Review your content as if you are seeing it from their perspective in the future.

Ask yourself:

  1. Would I read this blog post or listen to this video based on the title if I was my audience four weeks from now?
  2. Will the information help me and others four weeks from now?

By creating content that will speak to your current audience, as well as your future audience, will help also help you include your content piece into a repurposed content plan.

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