Planning Your Repurposed Content Strategy


Is repurposing content a part of your plan? If it isn’t part of your strategy right now, then it is something that you might want to include.

Why Repurpose?

Before I dive into the steps to start repurposing content, please read the blog post, Benefits of Repurposing Content.

I share with you why repurposing is so important. Learn how it can save you time, keep you consistent, and increase your visibility.

First Step

I want to share with you steps you can take now to start including repurposing as part of your content strategy.

The first step is knowing where you are the most comfortable presenting your content.  The two main ways people deliver their content is either by creating videos or writing a blog post.

What is your main content piece?

  • Do you create videos
  • Do you prefer to write blog posts

Second Step

The next step is to decide how you are going to repurpose your main content piece. The other ways, most of us in the online space are delivering our content is on our social media pages, online groups, and through our email list.

As an example, let’s say that your main content piece is blog posts.

  • You write a blog post – your main content piece
  • Take a section of your blog post, edit, and reword it as a social media post
  • Use a sentence from your reworded social media post and make a quote graphic
  • Reformat your blog post as a video script¬†

Now you have three different content pieces, same message, different words, and you just saved a lot of time.

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