Understanding Personality Types Helps You Grow Your Business

If you’re in any business networking group, then I bet you’ve probably heard the following phrase at least once.

What’s the best way to grow your business?

There’s not an exact right or wrong answer to this question. But, there is something that might help you to be able to decide for yourself. 

This past weekend, I went with my church on a leadership retreat, and part of our workshop taught us how to identify our personality type as well as learning about everyone else’s.

It was quite interesting, and I want to share what I learned with you.


Extroverts vs. Introverts

We all have our own unique ways of interacting with the world around us.

Some people are more adventurous, can do things on a whim, love to be around lots of people, and have absolutely no problems striking up a conversation with someone new.

While others are more reserved, they need to examine their surroundings to make sure it’s safe, prefer smaller groups, and will probably wait for someone to talk to them.

Feelers vs. Thinkers

If you’re a feeler, you are probably led and motivated by yours and other’s emotions. It’s not that the thinkers don’t care about how someone else might feel, they are just more likely to take a look at the facts and base their decisions on logic.

Improvisers vs. Planners

A change in plans is much easier for an improviser than it is for a planner. Ask an improviser what they have planned, and you are more likely to get a random list of ideas. Ask a planner what they have going on, and you will get a very detailed outline of specific events, dates, and time.

How Knowing This Helps You With Your Business

Like I said earlier, there’s no right or wrong answer to the question of “what’s the best way to grow your business. Knowing who you are will give you the answer you need.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I prefer large networking groups or smaller ones
  • What are the marketing strategies that make me feel good
  • Is there a marketing strategy that makes me feel icky
  • Do I need to look at statistics for different strategies
  • Am I ok with spontaneous changes
  • Is it best for me to stick to my plans

It’s Wise to Know Other People’s Personality Types Too

Most of us interact with people regularly through our business, whether it be through new relationships, clients, or team members.

It’s wise to know the personality types of people you are connected with, it helps strengthen communication. For example, you might be a planner and a feeler, and you have everything for a specific event nailed down.

You are thrilled about your plan and feeling great.

But, one of your team members might be a thinker and an improviser. Your team member looks over the plan you have and sees things that might cause problems. They want to make last-minute changes.

If you and your team are unaware of your individual personality types, you might shut each other down before a healthy conversation can begin. But, if you are aware, the chances of the two of you truly listening to each are higher.

As a feeler, you will realize that your team member isn’t trying to stomp on your plans. Their thoughts about it are just coming from a place of logic, and when your team member approaches you, they might be more careful with their words.

How You Can Identify Your Specific Personality Type

There are four different personality types, and you can identify yours at www.16personalities.com.


Michele Burch Jones, Founder of Legacy Consulting Institute

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