Content Is Important for Every Online Business


Are you considering starting your own online business to work from home? Maybe you’ve already started it, and you are in your first year?

If you are, then you must understand the importance of content.

What Is Content?

Content is anything you create to share your message with your specific audience (target market). So, this could be a video, podcast, blog, or social media post, to name a few. There are tons of content categories, but the ones I listed are pretty basic right now for online entrepreneurs.

Why Is Content Important?

Content helps entrepreneurs attract their target market and reach potential clients and customers.

I’m not talking about an advertisement or a promotional post for social media. I’m talking about value-driven messages.

What Do You Offer?

Before you can begin to create content that will attract your potential clients or customers, you need clarity around what you offer.

  1. What will you offer?
  2. Is it something you are truly passionate about?

I’m asking you these two questions first because you will need to have a clear picture of what you offer before you dive into throwing your content out there. But, if you are unclear about this part, the audience who reads or listens to your content will know, and they will be unclear about working with you.

Who Needs What You Have?

Once you know what you offer, you can begin to think about who needs what you have.

  • Is it children, women, men, or whole families
  • What age range do they fall into
  • Are they married or single
  • Do they have children
  • Are their certain phrases and images that will catch their attention
  • What problems do they currently face
  • How will your service or product solve their problems

This is called a client profile, and it will help you create value-driven content that speaks directly to your target market.

Value-Driven Content

Like I said earlier, when I am talking about content, I am not talking about advertisements or the spammy stuff you might see on your Facebook newsfeed.

People aren’t attracted to that.

Value-driven messages are different. It’s content that helps support other people or businesses by giving them solutions to problems or general information they might not know about.

An Example of Value-Driven Messages

Let’s say you are starting a virtual assistant business for women business coaches who are overwhelmed by their administrative tasks and lacking organization.

The content could look like this:

  • The top three ways to keep track of your appointments
  • How to manage your task list
  • Simple ways to organize your email

So, as you can see, your value-driven message shows who you are, your expertise, and how you can serve your clients or customers.

It is the starting point for building and nurturing a relationship with your audience.

Leave a comment or any questions you have.

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